At Zhejiang University, calculus becomes the most favored class under the live webcast

Professor Su at Zhejiang University recently became a web celebrity (a blue-eyed person on the Internet). As compared with those beautiful bloggers’ webcast, this elder professor wins his fame as a talented and cultured star. Calculus is always recognized as the most difficult class on campus, while Professor Su made it the hottest.

On March 23, a Calculus class was going on as usual in East Building of JinGang campus (金港校区东教学楼), Zhejiang University. Unusually, it was going on with a cell phone live. Professor Su set up a cell phone with a tripod and start to live his Calculus class online. He made the Calculus the most favored class for all students on and off campus.

Being 59 years old this year, Professor Su Dekuang has received many honors in his life, such as the student-favorite professor, the most favored professor of Lecture Room (a Chinese television programme hosted by China Central Television, in which scholars from various disciplines are invited to provide lectures), the most beautiful professor, etc.

Teaching for over thirty years at Zhejiang University, Professor Su is popular with his unique style of endless math jokes in class. Students admire his humor and wisdom and always love to join his class. And this is what Professor Su originally intended for the class live, he wants more students to hear and learn from his class.

Every year, the new student guide writes “Select Professor Su’s class, or you will regret. Be very quick, or you will be negated.” There never is a waiting list in his class. One time, Professor Su opened his Calculus class of 150 spaces. It attracted over 3000 students in the end.

This new semester, Professor Su once again surprise us with the implementation of the most popular webcast in his class. Using a tripod, a cell phone, a projection screen, Professor Su moves his Calculus class into the webcast. Since from February 27 to March 23, Professor Su has launched 29 live broadcasts, at least twice a week. All of his classes live broadcast can attract thousands of students to watch, and one of the most popular class has been watched by more than twenty thousand students.


“Nowadays, students can’t live without the Internet. The Internet has become the second favorable place for teaching. We teachers should also learn how to use the Internet and give students classes on the Internet. Otherwise, students may only use the Internet for playing games or WeChatting.” Professor Su said, “Since last year I began curious of webcasting and thought about whether could I try it for educating students.”

Professor Su believes that weibo is a useful tool to interact with his students. Uploading the webcast video on the Internet can help those students who missed his classes, which also promote the teaching of Math/Calculus.

Since 2013, Professor Su registered his weibo account and used his spare time to help solve students’ problems that messaged to him. Up to now, Professor Su has about 80 thousands fans. Every time he completes a live broadcast of the class, he uploads the video on weibo so that more people can discuss and learn from.

Professor Su thought that instead of tolerating these students surf online, browse weibo, or play WeChat, why don’t use live webcast to attract them to learn Math classes? “Online classes are certainly advantageous to more people, especially to students who are falling behind. They can watch the webcast videos as many times as they want. It is certainly helpful in improving students’ learning progress. Also, it is more convenient for teachers to improve their teaching achievements based on the specific feedback.” He said to the media.


Now, students from all over the country and the grades (primary school, middle school, high school, universities, etc.) like to ask questions on Professor Su’s online classes. And the questions span from math specific to life specific. Professor Su always answers them with patience and wisdom.

Professor Su said that the next step is to open live for advanced mathematics classes. He hopes more and more students can use the Internet wisely and never stop learning, even from the Internet.


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